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When owner Joseph Shimanek started FILAtechnology, his goal was to build a business that provided services that people can rely on. Trust, integrity, honesty, and reliability are the traits upon which he founded the company.

Having over 25 years of experience in the technology field, Joseph had seen his share of technology service providers that give the field a bad name. Businesses want to have servers and networks that just work, transparent to the purposes of its business. Too often, they are left to rely on the recommendations of IT companies that either don't provide the solution they need or provide a solution that does not work.

That is where FILAtechnology helps businesses succeed. FILA is your trusted partner, providing second opinions, honest assessments, and solutions that do not simply ask clients to "throw good money after bad."

Joseph personally screens every contractor and employee that bears the FILA name because he believes they are and extension of himself and FILAtechnology. Only those candidates who pass the rigors of his screening process are given the opportunity to serve you.

Bringing trust in technology. Trust FILAtechnology.
Joseph began working with technology in the early 1980's, programming basic and assembly language on his first computer. During high school, Joseph took courses in science and computer technology and was hired on at a local company to repair computers, printers, hard drives, and other electronics.

After graduating from high school, Joseph was hired as a semiconductor test technician, testing logic circuits. He attended and graduated from Brigham Young University where he earned his bachelors degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

While at BYU, he worked as a broadcast engineer for KBYU and as a research assistant writing software that controls nuclear waste processing simulators. When he wasn't programming, studying, and taking care of his family, Joseph also served as the lead electrician and equipment technician at an aerospace manufacturing company.
Upon graduation, Joseph was hired at Intel Corporation. While there he held important technical and leadership positions, designing solutions that kept Intel's networks and servers working at their peak performance, 24x7x365. Joseph also worked for Nortel Networks (designing datacenters), Symantec (security engineer and manager), eBay (operations engineer), and as a trusted IBM business partner.

Joseph tooks his skills on the road consulting for hospital systems, petrochemical companies, government organizations, and waste management businesses.

His experience is your experience. Joseph knows how to get significant returns on investments, he knows how to save you money, and he knows how to solve the most perplexing problems.
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